Offered through Edgewood Treatment Center & Axis Intervention Services, this Intensive Outpatient Treatment program is dedicated to providing the best possible treatment program to help make long term, sustainable recovery a reality to those affected by addiction. Through the program, you will have access to necessary services and support while working towards your goal of recovery. Unlike stays at treatment centers, you can remain in your home with your family and even go to work outside outpatient treatment programming.


Everyone affected by addiction deserves a chance to heal. Addiction is a chronic, progressive disease, but highly treatable. Using a combination of intervention, education, group therapy, individual therapy, and aftercare support has proven effective in the treatment of substance abuse. 


Is outpatient treatment right for you?

The Edgewood Intensive Outpatient Program might be for you if:


  • You are strongly motivated to remain clean and sober

  • You don’t require medical detox

  • You don’t need the structure of a 24-hour addictions treatment facility

  • You have a stable home and/or work environment

  • You are unable to put aside work or family commitments to attend a residential treatment centre.

  • You’re returning to the community after residential treatment and want to set yourself up for success in a supportive environment with committed peers


The Intensive Outpatient Program runs on a continuous basis in Kelowna & Vernon. Contact me for more information.