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vernon best afforable couselling services lifeshine chris bader


At some point, we can all experience difficult times and need support to help guide us through. 


Best affordable counsellor lifeshine vernon


Counselling helps identify and clarify difficult or uncomfortable situations in life. It's a safe place to gather new tools towards resolution, and to help you understand yourself better, including your thoughts, feelings and actions. 

vernon best couple counselling lifeshine chris bader


​It has been said that we are the knot into which relationships are tied. As well as commitment and a willingness to adapt and change throughout life, healthy relationships require skills in communication and emotional awareness.

Best addictions counsellor service vernon codependency abusive partner


Do you find yourself placing your own happiness and well-being on hold while focusing on someone else's well-being? You may be anxious to say or do the "right thing", or find yourself having to manage other's lives to gain satisfaction in your own. Perhaps you find yourself ignoring your own needs or emotions while constantly fulfilling the needs of others.

vernons best addiction counselling lifeshine chris bader


Substance abuse and addiction steals individuals of their own self, their families, and life dreams. Freedom from addiction means regaining a peaceful, fulfilling life with integrity, and healthy self-esteem; a life in which physical, mental, and emotional health is restored and the spirit healed.

Do you...

Wonder why you keep chasing, texting, or pursuing your partner, when they continue withdraw or defend?

Find yourself shutting down when your partner craves a deeper conversation?

Constantly worry that they will leave because they feel distant?

Have false beliefs that you are never good enough for your relationship?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you're not alone. I've got you.

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