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Substance abuse and addiction steals individuals of thier own self, their families, and life dreams. Freedom from addiction means regaining a peaceful, fufilling life with integrity, and healthy self-esteem; a life in which physical, mental, and emotional health is restored and the spirit healed.

Recovery is possible.  If you are interested in learning more contact me.  I am a Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor (CCAC), and have training and experience in assessment, counselling, intervention, and treatment of addiction related disorders as well as working with couples & families who are affected by someone else's struggle.


Recovery is a lifelong process that can be both rewarding and exciting. As a recovery coach, I can help you navigate the journey through exploring social, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being practices - whether you are preparing for treatment, or newly out of treatment and requiring extra support and guidance.    


When you're living close to someone with an addiction, you're likely to develop your own ways to deal with the pain. Sometimes, the whole family can change in an unhealthy way. Dealing with addiction means dealing with everyone affected by it. If you are a loved one or family member, help is a call away. Learn about the illness, while developing your own tools to navigate this difficult road. 

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I have completed the following addiction-specific training:

Sept 2015 – Health Care Professionals Program for Addictions Residency – Edgewood Health Network

March 2016 – Neurobiology of addiction – Edgewood Health Network

Oct 2016 – Couple’s & Addiction Recovery – Gottman Institute

Sept 2017 – Addiction & Trauma Recovery – Gabor Mate

Nov 2017 – Substance Use Disorder Assessments – iRecovery Works

Sept 2018/2019/2020 – Recovery Capital Conference of Canada

Jan 2019 – ASAM Criteria for Assessment of Substance Use Disorder – Center for Addiction Studies

Apr 2022 - Trauma-Informed Care in Substance Abuse Treatment - Center for Addiction Studies

Aug 2023 - Healing Trauma & Addiction - Gabor Mate

Apr 2024 - Adolescent Substance Use Treatment - Last Door Society

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