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Before you start that New Year's Resolution...

January can be a stressful month for many who set New Year’s Resolutions.

The definition of Resolution is “a firm decision to do or not do something”. You might ask yourself... When have I responded positively from someone telling me to “firmly” do something?

Is there another way? Consider making New Year’s Goals…realistic, achievable benchmarks that lower the anxiety of sudden, massive, and abrupt change. With Goals, you can plan a progressive transformation, and adapt to new obstacles without the frustrating rigidity of a resolution.

Perfectionism can be exhausting and stressful with New Year’s Resolutions. Be easy on yourself! Change is difficult if the stress you feel from the shift of lifestyle is coupled with unachievable expectations. Perfectionism (or inability to live up to it) can take a lot out of one's self-esteem.

Take baby steps. Be encouraged by small victories. Reward yourself! Whether your resolution is to quit smoking, get more exercise, or eat healthier, there is a period of initial change that has a major impact on emotions. Uncomfortable emotions from these changes can not only affect your overall mood, but those around you who are impacted by your lifestyle change. Make sure to take time out to connect with yourself and those around you by using healthy communication.

Meeting with a Life Coach is also a great way to help clarify your direction, gain motivation, identify obstacles, and design strategies for success towards the goals that you seek!

All the best for the new year ahead!


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