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5 Ways to Embrace a New Direction!

Life is a series of frequent changes. Some changes are welcomed; others range from inconvenient to catastrophic. Transitions are times of crossing or traveling from something old and familiar to something new and unfamiliar. Most transitions are small and pass by almost unnoticed. Some, however, involve major disruptions in routines and force us to re-examine how we manage our lives.

Here are some ways to get through these times and make the shift towards the new:

  1. Grieve the Loss. Every transition begins with an ending. Even positive life changes can be difficult without proper endings. Before we embrace the new, we must deal with the old and get in touch with the sometimes uncomfortable emotions that change brings.

  2. Stay present but move forward. Take time out to acknowledge what you’re experiencing now. Although we don’t want to close the door on the past, we can’t stay there. Examine what you might have learned from the experience, and use it as motivation to do things a different way.

  3. Shift into the positive. Things might feel scary and seem unsteady, but now is the time to brainstorm, explore, and come up with a new set of routines to commit to. Shifting into positive thinking can bring us to to a a new place of hope and excitment!

  4. Take your time. Having unrealistic time expectations can lead down a dark road of disappointments. There are going to be road bumps and challenges that come up from time to time where stepping back and not rushing the outcome will be vital.

  5. Reach out. There’s a time to admit that help is needed. When the situation becomes overwhelming, support from others can help clear your mind and moving ahead.

Life Coaching can help you get a better handle on difficult changes, and approach these transitions with self-confidence. It opens doors to learn about our strengths and to explore what we really want out of life, resulting in a sense of renewal, stability, and new adventure! Call me if you need to jump start the ride.


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